2 Things To Know Before You Ball Out of Control

Jay-z, P-Diddy flashing Money

There is no doubt that more and more urban millionaires are popping up as there are many opportunities to get money if you are dedicated. However, just as fast as the money is made it is being spent on things that will not continue to build you wealth. I believe average people that make money on a weekly bases have ...

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Are You On The Road To Poverty?

Plan and Execute your plan

In 1993 a good friend of mine name Greg  dropped a book off to me at the barbershop I owned in Queens NY.  He told me it was a must read and I needed to read it right away. He actually purchase the book for me because he had his own and didn’t want to loan out his copy. After ...

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Are You Worth $1000 Per Hour?

How much money are you worth an per Hour

Many people don’t realize this but they are worth millions and don’t even know it. So you may ask your self how is this possible when my bank account doesn’t represent millions. Well if I can show you a few things you may see it different in a few minutes. Our culture has a way of making people think they ...

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5 Things To Help You Become An Urban Millionaire?

5 things to help you become a millionaire

When I look back at how I was able to generate millions of dollars there are a few things that I think help me greatly. Even though there are many things that come with making you millions, following I will share what I think to be the 5 most  important. 1.Find millionaires and study what they did. I personally set ...

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