Are You Worth $1000 Per Hour?

How much money are you worth an per Hour

Many people don’t realize this but they are worth millions and don’t even know it. So you may ask your self how is this possible when my bank account doesn’t represent millions. Well if I can show you a few things you may see it different in a few minutes. Our culture has a way of making people think they ...

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5 Things To Help You Become An Urban Millionaire?

5 things to help you become a millionaire

When I look back at how I was able to generate millions of dollars there are a few things that I think help me greatly. Even though there are many things that come with making you millions, following I will share what I think to be the 5 most  important. 1.Find millionaires and study what they did. I personally set ...

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Will College Make You Rich?

College Wastie of Time

The answer to this question is absolutely not for the majority that attend.  Actually college can put you in debt and set you off in a career to continue to work for others for the rest of your life. If you are looking for a job or even a higher paying career, then maybe college is for you. However if ...

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How to Independently Raise A $10,000 Stack

How To Raise $10000 Independently

I get this question all the time. I believe $10,000 is the cash amount people see them self needing to get things going.  If I had to raise $10,000 having nothing at all, I believe the following is what I would do now to get everything back again. Assess All My Skills and Resources I would take a current assessment ...

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Made In America Jay z Documentary Hits the Big Screen

Jay Z Made In America

This should be interesting as it covers the  2012 weekend festival from the Philadelphia Budweiser music celebration. Looking for a way to tie in music with the American Dream,  Jay Z founded Budweiser Made in America Festival in 2012. Artists that are featured in the documentary include Janelle Monae, Rita Ora  and Run DMC. The film is produced and directed ...

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